While there are certainly things I think you should splurge on in a space, there needs to be a balance where you can find pieces to get thrifty with. As a general rule for me, if there isn’t a comfort level or inherent level of beauty involved, I say get creative with your budget.


LEFT: Pottery Barn Frames | RIGHT: Look Alike Frames


Gallery walls are everywhere, and they are a great way to add some personality to your space. After deciding I needed to spruce up our dining nook and noticing I hadn’t displayed any of our wedding photos in the house, I went straight to Pottery Barn (who I knew had the giant gallery frames I wanted.) Out of laziness and wanting to get the job done quickly, I purchased two frames and went on my way. A few weeks later I bought a beautiful McKenzie Dove abstract work on paper for our floating art shelf in the bonus room, and after considering all of the options for displaying it, I decided I wanted to float it on textured paper in a similar frame to the Pottery Barn frames I already purchased. The first time I purchased the frames, I had a gold mine of store credit to use, but this time I didn’t want to spend my own $115 on a frame, so naturally I headed to Amazon.


Almost immediately, I found exactly what I was looking for and made the purchase. Upon comparison of the two frames, I was disappointed that I had used my Pottery Barn credit for almost the same thing! At $32 compared to $85, I will be using the look alikes from now on. Don’t make my mistake- search the available options! Find the oversized frame I used here.

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